Thank God for Freelancedom!

…and by freelancedom, I mean my somewhat charmed lifestyle, in which I actually enjoy my work to the extent that I have trouble calling it a day, and in which I get to wear my Cookie Monster pants and fuzzy socks all. day. long if I so choose.

Though by all means. Place Freelancedom on your list of things to be thankful for this year.

Some other things I’m thankful for:

  • how lucky I’ve been in such a short time as a full-time freelancer
  • my main blogging gig
  • my new network cable and virus scan software
  • the most supportive husband ever
  • my three cats, who are my only source of face-to-face conversation during the day
  • Bavarian chocolate coffee from Gourmet Garage
  • my lovely readers, who are constantly sharing their super-helpful tips, and reminding me that I’m not typing into a void

Check out what Jenny of the Golden Pencil and Susan of the Urban Muse are thankful for this Thanksgiving, and then share your own list in the comments!


  1. Hi Steph!

    Thank you for the mention above, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. I am also thankful for the ability to work from home. Casual is the rule of the day here. My dog also is thankful for having someone who works at home and takes her for long walks several times a day. Those walks are a great way to clear out the cob webs and get focused on solving whatever the problem of the day is.

    I am also thankful for my terrific wife and great children. Nearly 30 years of marriage and the times has flown by. I am thankful to be doing what I love to do and still being able to have a roof over our heads and food on the table. Everyone in the family is healthy and happy and that’s all any of us can ask for.

    I, too, am thankful for my cup of coffee. But I have to admit that tossing chocolate into a good coffee is not something that I do. Whenever I am at a coffee shop and am asked if I want any flavor in my coffee, I always reply “Just coffee flavor, please!”

    Happy thanks giving to you and your family.

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