The Road To Freelance Success Is Paved with Good Karma

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Work has been pretty damn good lately (aside from the occasional seasonal slump). And — conceited as it may sound — I credit myself for a lot of that. After all, I’m the one who got me here. When I was unhappy at my 9-to-5, and daydreaming about freelancedom, I figured out the steps I’d need to take in order to make it work, and then took them. I self-educated myself with a shit-ton of how-to books. I took writing and pitching classes through MediaBistro and at the New School. I attended a ton of MediaBistro networking events, and formed a writing group. I secured a freelance gig before jumping ship and, during the transitional period, was working two jobs at once. And when I’d left my 9-to-5 behind, I took on another unpaid, post-college internship in order to gain more experience, contacts, and clips.

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Let’s Talk Turkey: 16 Things I’m Thankful for This Year


I know that posts like this one –during this week — are trite, but I feel as if I have a lot to be thankful for. The past year was a rough one, beginning when the New York Sun folded. It was my main source of income and, in the months following, my income shrank more and more, leaving me feeling as if I was spinning my wheels, despite the new markets I was breaking into.

In the past couple months, however, it’s as if the stars have suddenly aligned for both me and my husband. Now, the possibilities of both a fulfilling career and the ability to start a family and buy a house in the next year don’t seem so ludicrous. So am I feeling a bit overcome with thanks? Yes. So indulge me.

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Thank God for Freelancedom!

…and by freelancedom, I mean my somewhat charmed lifestyle, in which I actually enjoy my work to the extent that I have trouble calling it a day, and in which I get to wear my Cookie Monster pants and fuzzy socks all. day. long if I so choose.

Though by all means. Place Freelancedom on your list of things to be thankful for this year.

Some other things I’m thankful for:

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