Christmas Link Love

Merry Christmas from me and the fam! (We’re all so excited, we’re doing jazz hands for you.)

I am, at this moment, probably exchanging gifts with my husband (I totally bought him a stress ball shaped like a boob from the Museum of Sex! Among other things…). But I still wanted to give those of you still hooked up to your computers something to read today. After the jump, this week’s link love:

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10 Things I Did Wrong In 2008


2008 started out strong. I was finishing up an internship at Material Media (of Nerve and Babble fame), and gearing up to take on more hours at the New York Sun. And then I was chosen to be a blogger for Modern Materialist.

Soon after that, I realized that — only six months after leaving my full-time job in academic book publishing — I had matched my previous salary. I reveled in my blogging gig, was content with my regular copy editing gig at the Sun, and was also doing freelance work for several book publishers. I even got the occasional writing clip. I began planning for more.

I continued my self-education, and began blogging about blogging for Smarter Than Your Average Blog (a gig I eventually left behind). I also began considering a path toward career coaching, and career-related writing. I did extensive research and conducted informational interviews. I was all set to enter a certification program when everything went to hell.

The Sun folded, and the rest of the industry (not to mention the economy at large) followed suit. I no longer had the income necessary to sign up for a coaching certification program. I floundered trying to figure out whether or not I was cut out for freelancing, and what I even had to offer. I struggled unsuccessfully to find a part-time job in the publishing field.

I’ve since gotten a number of new clips (see here, here, here, and here), but I have yet to take advantage of the momentum, and suffer from mood swings and lack of motivation. Can I turn things around in 2009? Perhaps. If I’m willing to learn from my mistakes.

After the jump, 10 things I did wrong in 2008:

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Anything But Traditional…

I’ve always chafed at the conventions of the corporate world, which is why I eventually jumped ship. Why is it, then, that I cling so tightly to holiday traditions?

Perhaps it’s because — much like my career — these traditions belong to me and, by extension, my family.

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5 Things I Learned About Business Management While Christmas Shopping

Okay, you’ve caught me. Freelancedom has been quiet lately, aside from a couple of product placement posts. Aside from the fact that I’m obsessed with Christmas, I feel as if everything has come due at the same time. Suddenly, I’ve had articles to complete, blogger applications to read through, end-of-year posts to plan, copy editing tests to complete, test drive posts to do up…I’ve been a stressed-out mess!

Conversely, I haven’t succumbed to holiday season stress at all. Indulging in Christmasy things is like a respite for me, and not one bit of it has been done begrudgingly (though I did lose a huge chunk of my life just in stringing up the lights on two Christmas trees).

Perhaps I should have applied my holiday prep tactics to my business practices. After the jump, 5 things I learned about business management while Christmas shopping:

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Product Placement: My Xmas Wish List

[$15, Old Navy]

I know that I just wrote about doing without, but I can’t help myself. I have a wish list every Christmas, and this year is no different. And besides. It’s Product Placement Tuesday (for at least four more hours, anyway).

After the jump, some business-related gifts I wouldn’t mind receiving, like the slipper boots above, which would keep my tootsies nice and toasty whilst working from home. Leave your own wish list items in the comments!

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Thank God for Freelancedom!

…and by freelancedom, I mean my somewhat charmed lifestyle, in which I actually enjoy my work to the extent that I have trouble calling it a day, and in which I get to wear my Cookie Monster pants and fuzzy socks all. day. long if I so choose.

Though by all means. Place Freelancedom on your list of things to be thankful for this year.

Some other things I’m thankful for:

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Coffee Break: Happy Halloween!

Freelancedom Halloween Post from Steph Auteri on Vimeo.

Coffee Break: How Do You Handle the Holidays?

coffee break

As Fridays are a cool-down sort of day, I thought I’d designate a weekly coffee break, during which we could discuss a specified topic. This week, I’d like to bring up the challenge of handling business during the holidays.

In the magazine biz, special issues always correspond with seasonal occurrences, resulting in back-to-school issues, or holiday gift guide issues. As a blogger, I have more flexibility in terms of content development (magazines tend to work three to six months in advance), and so take advantage of holidays and events in my various blogs.

For example, this past week, I actually blogged about seasonal content, given the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend.


On another blog, me and my fellow bloggers blogged about “green” products and happy hour possibilities all day long, in honor of St. Patrick’s day. Later that same month, I did a week’s worth of cupcake-related posts in honor of the Martha Stewart-designated Cupcake Week.

How have you guys tied in business with seasonal pleasure?