How I Write

We're only here for the treats, dammit.

The other week, I met up with Marian Schembari — a social media consultant and all-around cool chick — and, as I described my current “office” setup, she exclaimed over how much she loved hearing about the environment in which other freelancers do what they do. I do, too, so much so that I actually own a photo book containing images of well-known authors’ offices. (God I’m such a dork.)

ANYways, it got me thinking of how my work habits have changed over the past few years, and how I do what I do (both cats and coffee are obviously involved).

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Christmas Link Love

Merry Christmas from me and the fam! (We’re all so excited, we’re doing jazz hands for you.)

I am, at this moment, probably exchanging gifts with my husband (I totally bought him a stress ball shaped like a boob from the Museum of Sex! Among other things…). But I still wanted to give those of you still hooked up to your computers something to read today. After the jump, this week’s link love:

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Product Placement: Fuel Your Freelance Career

mister coffee

Is it awful of me to suggest that a good cup of coffee is a necessity when it comes to surviving the work day? I mean, I don’t want you to end up like my friend Dana, who likes to argue that his 5+ cups of coffee per day count toward his daily water intake.

Still, nothing picks me up like that one cup of bavarian chocolate coffee I have every day in the late morning. Pick up a coffee pot on the cheap ($29.99) and, when you feel yourself slowing down, indulge in a cuppa.