4 Things I Loved About Career Renegade

It’s been a few months since a book got me really fired-up about my career.

Despite gaining momentum in the writing realm, with assignments from TONY, Babble, Lemondrop, and Nerve, I’ve had other career-related plans on the back burner for months, with no clue as to how I could possibly move forward with them.

Then, Jonathan Fields‘s Career Renegade got me excited, and thinking that it was time to take another risk.

After the jump, the 4 reasons I loved Career Renegade.

1. While Fields’s book has its share of inspirational anecdotes, it is also rich in cold, hard resources for getting the job done. The book itself requires no resource section or appendix. It is a collection of resources and step-by-step instructions.

2. Career Renegade gets me thinking about what I really want to be doing by bringing up the “power of flow.” Aside from hooping dancing and classical singing, I realized that there were things I should be incorporating into my career plan as a means of achieving greater career satisfaction. What activities help you achieve flow?

3.  Fields helped me to think about information gaps in my industry, as a means of finding new sources of income. In Career Renegade, he suggests various ways to harness this knowledge, such as e-books, premium content, marketing yourself on your blog/site, and e-newsletters. He then lists resources for putting all of these plans into action.

4. Again with the resources. Fields lists tangible ways in which you can establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Obviously, this isn’t everything. There are chapters on teaching, building community, marketing, and more. But this is the content that got me thinking. Intrigued? Pick up a copy!


  1. I put this book down a few chapters in because I had read too many career related books in a row and was simultaneously reading the 4 Hour Work Week book and a fiction book as well. I’m about finished with the fiction and fully intend on picking Career Renegade back up immediately after. The first few chapters were gripping and got me really excited and engaged!


  1. […] This book fired me up more than anything else, renewing my motivation when I needed it most. I also loved its chock-full-of-resources content. More than any other book I’ve read, this entire book was like a giant resource section…the kind you find — quite abbreviated — at the backs of other books. […]

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