What To Do When You’re Disconnected


Yesterday, at around 4 p.m., the Internet went down. When connectivity hadn’t returned an hour later, I picked up the phone to call my parents and see if I could work over there, and discovered that the phone lines were down as well. When I returned home about an hour later, my husband pointed out that the cable TV was down, too.

Triple poop.

Our lines were down for over 20 hours in all.

What I did when I was disconnected:

  • read a bit of Stephen King’s The Bachman Books for the five trillionth time in my life
  • became intimately familiar with the games available on my new Acer laptop
  • became incredibly agitated over the fact that I was missing  the most-anticipated (by me) episode of So You Think You Can Dance, with a guest judge appearance by Ellen DeGeneres (!)

What I should have been doing while disconnected:

  • taking advantage of the lack of usual distractions (Twitter, HGTV, etc.) and whipping up some world-class personal essays
  • typing up possible blog posts, to paste into WordPress later on
  • researching new markets at my local Barnes & Noble

Conclusion: I am both hopeless and helpless without the Internet. ::sigh::


  1. Clever post. I, too, lost connectivity for a bit not long ago. Oddly (grin) my reaction was about the same as yours. Sigh. I’m working on learning to do the, “right stuff.” Fat chance.
    Best regards, Galen

    Imagineering Fiction Blog


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