What To Do When You’re Disconnected


Yesterday, at around 4 p.m., the Internet went down. When connectivity hadn’t returned an hour later, I picked up the phone to call my parents and see if I could work over there, and discovered that the phone lines were down as well. When I returned home about an hour later, my husband pointed out that the cable TV was down, too.

Triple poop.

Our lines were down for over 20 hours in all.

What I did when I was disconnected:

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Coffee Break: Selling Yourself

Between a last-second edit test, a quick trip to PA, and a full day holding poses for a portrait artist, I. am. wiped. So I hope you’ll forgive me for relying on an easy-as-pie Coffee Break post so early in the week.

This one was actually inspired by a conversation taking place over at the mediabistro bulletin boards, on how different pitching tactics have different success rates.

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How To Avoid Flubbing Your Phone Interview

Just the other day, I received quite the happy e-mail. It was from an employment agency, specializing in the creative fields, through which I had applied to two permalance editor gigs. They thought that my work was “dead on,” and were wondering if I would be around that afternoon for a phone interview. After doing a happy dance, I responded that I would be home all day long, and then set up drawing up some notes, based upon questions they might ask me.

While I was in the midst of this, I received a response to my response. [Agency Guy] will be calling you shortly.


I was unprepared. I was straight out of the shower, and with a head of wet hair, which wasn’t the most comfortable feeling in my chilly apartment. And I already knew that phone interviews weren’t my strong suit. (Speaking in general isn’t my strong suit; that’s why I became a writer.)

Of course I was dissatisfied with the course my phone interview took. How could I not be? What should I have done to ace that interview?

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