What Can You Do For Me?


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We fill our resume with words and phrases such as “detail-oriented” and “innovative,” and list job responsibilities instead of quantifiable acomplishments and successes.

And then we send it off to an HR associate who has probably received…well, just about as many resumes as the woman in the photo above.

In a time when competition is getting fiercer, and all resumes look the same, isn’t it time to start rethinking the way you’re presenting yourself?

Cover letters are the place to start. But they won’t help you any if you continue to make the same mistakes. It’s time to start thinking about features vs. benefits.

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How To Give Yourself a Sweet Benefits Package

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you’re all indulging in bbqs and taking final trips down the shore and generally NOT WORKING. Because you deserve this holiday! Me? In addition to my at-home work, I travel into NY three days a week for five-hour shifts proofing at a newspaper, and today is no different. When my boss offered to give me today off, I told him I would be fine with coming in. Why?

  1. I’m an idiot.
  2. When you’re a freelancer, there’s no such thing as a paid vacation day.

Many of us leave our full-time jobs and become our own bosses in order to give ourselves the flexibility to sleep in, take more time off, and not work overtime. Yet when we go into business for ourselves, we often end up working longer hours than ever before, because there’s no one around to tell us: “Go home!” After the jump, the 5 benefits you shouldn’t forget to provide for yourself:

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