How To Market Yourself: Getting Out More

resume t-shirt.

The other day, we discussed using online social networking for our own selfish, self-marketing needs.

Now comes the hard part.

Though I myself can be a bit…um…socially challenged when it comes to facing a group of complete strangers (liquor helps), I’ve found that meeting someone face-to-face can do wonders for making you stick out in one’s mind.

So I’d like to suggest leaving your computers behind, at least for an evening, and checking out some of the following settings:

General/Industry Networking Events.

As someone within the publishing industry, I’ve always attended the events thrown by both MediaBistro and Ed2010. Groups such as NetParty and Networking for Professionals also regularly throw more general business networking events, in locations throughout the country.

Professional Organizations.

MediaBistro has a great resources page with a number of professional (publishing-related) organizations. Those like the ASJA and the EFA hold events and conferences for their members. You can also do a search for professional organizations within your niche. Many of these associations require paid membership, but the resources they provide and the connections they offer can often more than make up for the cost.


Go prepared for more than socializing; conferences are usually a forum for exploring new ideas within an industry, and panels, workshops, and exhibits are de rigueur.

Meetups/Other Groups.

Sites such as Meetup, GoogleGroups, Yahoo Groups, and other social networking sites allow users to create interest-based groups from scratch. But do a search first to see if a group –- specific to your interests — already exists. They could already be meeting regularly, ready and willing to welcome you into the fold. (I myself belong to the groups Jersey Bloggers and NY Bloggers Meetup Group.) In addition to making valuable contacts, you can use such meetups to trade battle stories, seek out advice and, hell, get out of the computer room (and the house).

Of course, you could always just wander the streets wearing a shirt like this.


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