4 Ways to Create the Illusion of a Regular Income

bird eggs.

It being Thursday and all, I would normally post a book review.

Last night, however, I found out that my main source of income may be folding, so I figured this was the perfect time to touch upon the ways in which you can keep the unexpected vagaries and pitfalls of freelancing from plunging you into financial ruin. The main thing to remember? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket:

1. Don’t Be Complacent. New Clients Are Always Welcome:

Networking…guerrilla marketing…space advertising…Remember those early days when you had to work your ass off to build up a steady client base? Unfortunately, that will never end. Because even if you have a few regular clients who consistently send the big bucks your way, nothing is forever. And you shouldn’t allow yourself to coast by failing to self-market yourself to new, prospective clients.

2. Don’t Be Complacent. Your Present Clients Did Not Vow To Stay With You In Sickness and in Health…:

But if you remember to show your appreciation to the clients you do have, they’ll be less likely top walk away. Show your clients that you don’t take their business for granted by always putting in your top efforts for them. Find ways to thank them, perhaps by offering them savings or complimentary gifts on special occasions or anniversaries. Keep the lines of communication open between you, with regular newsletters or special deals.

3. Don’t Be Complacent. Your Bank Account Can’t Handle It:

Are you spending everything you earn as soon as it shows up in your mailbox? Whether it’s going toward bills or new shoes, spending all the fruits of your labors can leave you in deep doo-doo if tragedy befalls you. This past month, a few unexpected big-ticket purchases popped up: I adopted a kitten (which required a new litter box, crinkle toys, Nature’s Miracle, a carrying case, and the costs of a spay and a microchip insertion) and had to replace all four of my tires. When I finally got around to balancing my checkbook, my account was definitely hurtin’. Open up a contingency account and decide upon a set amount that you’ll automatically deposit into it each month. It’s a good thing to have when life gets screwy.

4. Don’t Be Complacent. Always Reevaluate Your Mission Statement:

Of course, when things do go screwy, it always proves itself to be a good time to reevaluate the direction of your business. Has business been in a rut? Are there new directions you can take things in, or new services that you can offer clients? Is there room to grow? Periodically sketch out an updated game plan. Dreams evolve and businesses grow. If you’re paying attention, you’ll be able to take advantage of that growth.


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