Coffee Break: The Perfect Getaway?

My husband and I are completely incompatible…when it comes to vacations.

He’s content to relax for hours on the beach, or stare at the walruses with the rest of the tourists. I’m antsy and on-the-go, and am always eager for hands-on-type activities (ahem…hands-on also includes shopping…).

On our honeymoon, I teased my husband over the fact that he brought his laptop along. By the second or third day, I was on it all the time, doing work-related research and sending IM SOSs to my friends.

After going through some of the sites in the resource section of My So-Called Freelance Life, a phrase leapt out at me, and I had an epiphany.

Artist Retreat.

Would this not be the most perfect vacation (for me) ever!? I could escape my self-imposed house arrest in NJ for a change of scenery, and be productive!


Have any of you spent time in an artist community or residency? Please tell me everything! I want to live vicariously through you!

(And does anyone else have trouble relaxing on vacation?)


  1. Here’s what I mentioned earlier

    Not sure about lodging in the colony. I’m sure there is some, but I stayed outside. Let me know how you make out! I could use a getaway eventually myself.

  2. The last vacation I went on, I spent it running to the internet cafe every day and applying to freelance writing jobs. I actually did get a blogging gig out of it!

  3. My husband and I sound like clones of you two. I am always wanting to see everything possible, while he just wants to chill out and have a beer. He couldn’t understand why I had to get on the Internet when we were in Norway, but I just had to check my article that was published that day!

  4. @JR: There’s someone named Memory Layne on the artist list!

    @Diana & Chantal: Obviously, we’re spiritually connected. That, or someone needs to cut off our caffeine drip and wrest our laptops away from us.

  5. I’ll save the pun about taking a stroll… I think you should just go!!!

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