Link Love: October 9

Last night, I watched my CNN segment air on the local news and — as I sat there cringing while the camera zoomed in on the framed engagement photo hanging on the wall — it hit me: Not only am I potentially embarrassing myself, but I’m also potentially embarrassing my family. Who wants to be associated with the slightly overweight shopaholic who lied to her husband about her purchases, eventually racking up thousands of dollars in debt!? Luckily, my family is understanding, and excited about the media attention I’ve received. My mother half-jokingly told me she thought I did well…but was glad I was identified by my married name. Thank god because, as a writer (and especially as a sex writer), almost everything I do revolves around self-disclosure.

Aside from that bit of excitement, the week wasn’t incredibly productive. I’ve been sick, and have felt less than motivated. But I did squeeze some reading in:


  1. You seemed really natural on camera, Steph! I’m impressed with your ability to “fess up” and be so open about personal topics to benefit your readers. See that picture of the secretive Scorpio? That’s me. Not like I have that many juicy secrets, it just feels so, well, unnatural to share them. 🙂 You have a lot to be proud of, especially with the CNN piece. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Jesaka! It’s bizarre. I suffer from social anxiety, yet can’t stop myself from opening up to…um…everyone. Perhaps it’s my own strange way of seeking out connections? My poor family. 😉

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