Link Love: March 14, 2010

What a week! I announced the winners of my Career Coaching for Word Nerds contest, and have my very first appointment scheduled for this coming Wednesday. I’m way excited to start helping people find career fulfillment, and am also interested in seeing how the balance of editing, writing, and coaching shifts in my own life.

Not only that, but I managed to tear myself away from the computer twice this week in order grab drinky drinks with fellow entrepreneurs. On Monday, I met up with a former colleague who just resigned from her full-time job in order to throw herself into full-time freelance writing. As we’ve both been on the editing and writing sides of the table, I had a great time talking freelance strategy with her, and sharing on-the-job stories. And on Thursday, I headed to Ginger Man for happy hour with two fellow tweeps who had driven up from NC for a short vacation. So great to put faces to tweets!

I’m not sure yet whether this Sunday will be lazy or productive (I have an ebook to work on, and a new copywriting client) but, before I decide, let me give you some weekend reading:


  1. Thanks for this list. Hope to skim some of them after my dental appointment. I find I have so little time to read these days and know I should. My husband is always pointing out articles for me, as well, only they usually have to do with current events, his personal passion. I do not know how people manage to fit it all in. Writing, blogging, social media, for me also innkeeping because that is how I make my living, and now I’m dabbling in activism on the issue of keeping local water uncontaminated ….. What I really want to do is write. Do younger people feel this same frustration with everything that needs to be crammed into one day?

  2. Oh believe me…I have a huge list every day of things that I’d just love to accomplish and, most days, maybe half of it gets done. Perhaps because I’m so distracted by all these great articles online? 🙂

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