Side Jobs: Go Back To School


Since money became especially tight about four months ago, my mother has been suggesting that I become a substitute teacher. My response? I’m the type of person who can’t even control 4-year-olds. An entire classroom full of any age would eat me alive.

Still, as far as side jobs go, teaching is a good one for freelancers, and I don’t mean subbing. Those who teach classes and workshops in their area of expertise can bring in a good amount of extra cash, in addition to extending their brand, establishing themselves as an expert in their field.

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How To Market Yourself: Getting Out More

resume t-shirt.

The other day, we discussed using online social networking for our own selfish, self-marketing needs.

Now comes the hard part.

Though I myself can be a bit…um…socially challenged when it comes to facing a group of complete strangers (liquor helps), I’ve found that meeting someone face-to-face can do wonders for making you stick out in one’s mind.

So I’d like to suggest leaving your computers behind, at least for an evening, and checking out some of the following settings:

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