Link Love: May 2

Obviously, I’ve been having trouble holding it together in the face of the changes mentioned last week.

As I wait, white-knuckled, for updates fed to me piece by piece, it’s become tougher and tougher to concentrate on my other work.

One ray of sunshine: The personal essay I had sweated over for the site — a first draft and two rewrites — will finally be running this coming Monday (knock on wood). A single caveat: It’s been shortened even further, to account for the new direction of the site, in which such essays will be far less sprawling.

Instead of blogging here, or working on rewrites, or copy editing manuscripts, I’ve been obsessively refreshing my Google Reader and my Twitter feed so, at the very least, I do have some link love to share with you, albeit one day late. Check it out:

Link Love: April 24

I’ve been feeling a bit off this week. I was away from my computer for four days, having gone up to Boston to see my father-in-law run in the Boston Marathon, and have yet to regain my stride, despite the rewrites and ms edits on my to-do list.

That and the web magazine where I make most of my money has a new CEO, and its future editorial direction is up in the air. I waver between being nervous about the security of my income and mourning the possible end of the pub’s sexy beginnings.

Thank god the rest of the blogosphere is still cranking out quality shit:

Link Love: April 3

This week has been weird.

On Sunday, I had two other bloggers over from the Modern Materialist for the purpose of test driving vodka. I’d been avoiding vodka since college, so I was hit particularly hard.

On Monday, I awoke with a hangover that lasted for the entirety of the day. I slept in until 12 and got almost nothing done, aside from two blog posts and the completion of a first draft on an article. This threw me off for the rest of the week.

Throughout the week, I also: went out on two “school nights” in a row (salsa class and a jazz show); spent a lot of time transcribing interviews from my bed; and kissed my husband goodbye for the weekend (he left last night, totally tricking me into believing that the weekend had come early).

The result? I have been doing some major slacking. But I haven’t stopped reading, so here’s your weekly link love:

Link Love: March 27

I’ve been hella busy lately, but have still been attempting to put up at least three Freelancedom posts a week. Please don’t leave meeee!!!

Bribery: This week’s link love.

Link Love: February 6

It seems that this is a week for saying yes to new experiences. Last night, my husband and I took our first salsa-dancing class, for a piece I’m working on about couple-friendly workouts. And the other day, I scheduled a session with a portraitist who paints Intimate Portraits, and then met up with two other writers I had previously only communicated with online.

It’s tough to tear me away from the computer, though, and I’ve still been reading…

Link Love: January 23

It’s been a little spotty here at Freelancedom this week, with nothing going up on Wednesday or Thursday (notice how I tried to compensate by putting up an extra post today?).

Forgive me! I was buried in a copy editing project (a former colleague of mine did up a kick-ass parenting book that made me want to conceive) and brainstorming post topics for a possible new editor. So rest assured…I’ve been productive. Not all my time has been spent watching Netflixed episodes of My So-Called Life (every single episode makes me cry).

Anyway, let me shut up and give you what you came for:

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Link Love: January 8


I’ve been trying to read more freelance/career blogs lately, and I hit the jackpot last night when I found the blogroll over at’s blog. In addition, I’ve been meeting some great people through both Twitter and Brazen Careerist.

I don’t want to hold out on you here so, in the interest of forging new connections, and spreading around some pretty awesome content, here’s some of what I’ve been reading since the start of the new year: