Last Week’s Link Love: August 24

Oh you guys. I am sooo pooped. I got home at 1 a.m. last night after an 11.5-hour drive during which I was crammed into the middle back seat of a car between my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.

I am cranky.

Anyways, last week’s installment of Link Love is going up late, because I was en route to Michigan this past Friday. Here you go:

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Link Love: August 14

I should be calling sources for a magazine story I have due in three weeks.

But gosh darn it, I’d rather be chatting with you.

Besides, 14-hour work days and car-related agita have left me too exhausted to handle work-related phone calls.  I find that during such calls, I feel pressured to be “on” in a way that’s not required when I’m just sitting here blogging in my pajamas. You know what I mean? I’ve been recharging after each phone call today by watching this past week’s DVRd episodes of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Obviously, work is moving slowly.

I still don’t feel quite ready to dive back in, so I fgure it’s the perfect time to present you with this week’s link love. Go to it!

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Link Love: August 7

Lordy, lord, it’s been quite the week.

Since last Friday’s angst over my stalled career and my parents’ offer of a loan, things have been  little…crazy.

On Sunday, I got my car caught in a flash flood, which required that I climb repeatedly in and out of my car window like a character from Dukes of Hazzard. At the moment, I am still without a car, and unsure whether or not my car is a lost cause.

And on Tuesday, I inexplicably accepted an on-site proofreading gig that proved to be too much of a time commitment considering the rest of my work load, leading to a less than lovely Wednesday and Thursday.

So now here we are, at another Friday. God, that came quick, yet still felt unbearably long. This week’s link love:

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Link Love: July 31

Hey there guys. I have a slew of new posts coming atcha next week but, for now, here’s this week’s link love:

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Link Love: July 24

Can I get away with just saying TGIF?

Seriously, guys, it’s been a week, and my Optimum Triple Play failure was not the half of it. I’m gonna go watch some DVRd So You Think You Can Dance while you read through the links below:

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Link Love: July 18

What’s notable this week? Well, I gots myself a laptop (early birthday gift from my husband) and I also dove in to Freelance Success‘s Summer Query Challenge, which is acting as a great motivator for non-blog-related activities. Of course, all blog-related activities have suffered.


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Link Love: July 10

Hey guys. Friday here. Came quick, too. Maybe it’s the new relaxed pace I’m taking. Doing the next day’s blogging ahead of time. Taking walks every morning. I’m feeling less frenzied, and finding the time to pitch story ideas, market myself, and interact on Twitter again.

And read. Read like crazy:

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Link Love: June 27

Hey there guys. Happy weekend! Here’s the best of what I’ve read lately, in case you’re not already out and about on this gorgeous day:

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Link Love: May 29

Lordy lordy…I’ve been so off-track for the entire month of May that I’ve even fallen behind on spreading the link love. Let me make it up to you:

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Link Love: May 8

It’s been a productive week. Since taking my hubby’s advice and scheduling my days into blocks of time for each project on my plate, I’ve been getting my blogging done more quickly, and I’ve finished up two projects that had been hanging over my head for weeks. And I’ve still had time to read! After the jump, some of my favorite articles and blog posts from the past week: