The 4-Hour Workweek: Brilliant or Bonkers?


Reading Timothy Ferriss‘s The 4-Hour Workweek was like being on an emotional roller coaster.

I’d read a line like “Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty” and think Man! This guy knows where it’s at! Then I’d read about his empty and meaningless kickboxing win due to manipulated technicalities, or his distaste for reading, and want to throttle him.

Is he a genius? Or is he just plain ridiculous? Perhaps a bit of both. After the jump, I explore the aspects of his book that made me think.

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Coffee Break: Freelancing and Freebies

Earlier this week, I got to try out the Keyboard for Blondes. Tonight, I’m having people over for pizza and premixed shots, also for the purpose of review. Some other test drive products in my queue? Bacon-related products, like canned bacon, Baconnaise, and bacon-flavored lip gloss. Anti-muffin top underpants for men. Flying Wish Paper.

Just for shits and giggles…what’s the kookiest book or other product you’ve received for review in the line of duty?

Product Placement: Have the Neatest Desk Around

I had the pleasure of receiving a (temporary) sample of a high-ticket item to review over at Modern Materialist. As I feel that the NeatDesk is one primo toy for the at-home entrepreneur, I’ve pasted the bulk of my test drive post after the jump.

Read on for all the fun I had with this high-tech information management system/high-speed scanner.

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