The 5 Most Common Problems Freelance Writers Face

So. This virtual Networking for Word Nerds thing is now a… thing. Third Tuesday of every month. You can make it a recurring event on your calendar and shit. Its existence makes me feel… productive. And happy. Because I get the chance to meet new, fabulous freelance writers every time I sign on.


Every month, I’ll be writing a post over at Brazen Careerist in order to promote these events. Here’s my latest!

The life of a freelance writer is not an easy one. There’s the constant hustle. The pressure to come up with fresh ideas that are both newsy and original. The late paychecks from delinquent clients. The ways in which you open yourself up to public criticism from everyone, including anonymous commenters who seem hell bent on crushing your very soul.

I’ve experienced it all but, when I eventually launched my own business — coaching other word nerds — I was regularly surprised by the issues that were holding them back the most.

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Job Hopping for Word Nerds: An Ebook-in-Progress

Hey there guys — I need your help. Here’s the story: I’m working on an ebook. It’s called Job Hopping for Word Nerds, and I’m writing it with the intention of creating a go-to resource for those interested in finding work within the publishing industry…anywhere in the publishing industry. I plan on including descriptions of the positions available in book publishing, magazines, newspapers, etc. More importantly, I want to create a monster resource manual, filled with links to professional organizations, databases, job sites, blogs, powerful tweeps, and more. In short: I have a vision. 🙂 The resource appendices of self-help books have typically been my favorite part of said books, and that’s what I want to focus on here.

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Product Placement: Last-Minute Gifts for Word Nerds

[$525, myTypewriter]

Since the beginning of the month, me and the rest of my Modern Materialistas have been doing up holiday gift guides for our readers. My favorites have been the ones I’ve done for word nerds: Stocking Stuffers for Word Nerds, Gifts Under $25 for Word Nerds, and Last-Minute Gifts for Word Nerds.

I encourage you to head on over and read the full extent of word-nerdy goodness but, just to give you a preview, I’ve placed my favorite items after the jump:

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