Product Placement: Follow Me @…

I’m a bit obsessed with the Twittersphere. I’m logged on 24/7 and use the site to promote my work, seek out sources, and network with other freelance writers. Plus, it helps me to maintain my sanity when I’m desperate for some small bit of human contact.

Why not use the site as a virtual business card as well?

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Using Twitter to Achieve World Domination (In Your Field)


I can’t believe I haven’t posted about Twitter before. After all, I’ve been using it to promote my writing and connect with other freelancers for quite some time now, and even did a guest post over at TwiTip on taking your Twitter networking from online to in-the-flesh.

I think it warrants a mention here at Freelancedom, no?

After the jump, 4 ways to use Twitter as a means of building your personal business:

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Coffee Break: Selling Yourself

Between a last-second edit test, a quick trip to PA, and a full day holding poses for a portrait artist, I. am. wiped. So I hope you’ll forgive me for relying on an easy-as-pie Coffee Break post so early in the week.

This one was actually inspired by a conversation taking place over at the mediabistro bulletin boards, on how different pitching tactics have different success rates.

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PSA: See My Guest Post Over at TwiTip

Hey there guys. Check me out over at Darren Rowse’s TwiTip. My guest post — 8 Twitter Networking Tips: From Online to In-the-Flesh — is up. This is relevant to you guys too!

And to everyone visiting from TwiTip, welcome! ::waves:: I hope you find my Freelancedom posts at least somewhat helpful. 🙂

Link Love: January 16

Whew! Friday already, and I am wiped. Though the week started out as a major time-suck (eight hours of the Game Show Network on Sunday…don’t ask), I ended up sending out multiple pitches and letters of interest, got myself another copy editing project and another article assignment, got new clips up at the Frisky and Nerve, and managed to be pretty consistent with the blogging. Go me!

Of course, all that productivity didn’t stop me from obsessively checking my Google Reader and Twitter feeds for updates. The best of what I’ve read lately:

4 Ways To Find Sources

As a writer who has focused primarily on short-form blogging and personal essays, hunting down sources has never been a huge part of the work that I do. A portfolio that relies solely upon the self, however, can become an echo chamber. At some point in your writing career, It’s important to bring in new and differing perspectives.

Where to turn when you need an expert, and fast?

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How To Market Yourself: Strengthening Your Web Presence

resume shirt

When I left my full-time job about a year ago, I was lucky in that I didn’t need to actively seek out work. My one regular proofing gig was snagged through a job ad forwarded to me by a former classmate. And all my other work came to me similarly, through friends and former co-workers who were aware that I was forging ahead on my own.

Such passivity only works up to a point, though and, recently, I found that I had hit a wall. If I wanted to grow my business, I had to bust my ass a bit more. This terrified me. I’m a shy gal, and had probably ended up as a writer/proofreader because of the quiet reclusiveness it afforded me. Thankfully, it’s possible to cover a lot of ground marketing-wise on the web alone:

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How To Get Your Guy, and Look Good Doing It

My pretty pretty website.

After reading a post on website stickiness over at ProBlogger, I spent a good amount of time this past weekend implementing Darren’s tips, in order to make this blog more inviting to readers.

As I uploaded plugin after plugin, and asked my husband to make design tweak after design tweak (I may be his most demanding customer), it occurred to me that a first impression post was in order.

After all, despite our having the ability to wear bunny slippers and fuzzy pants for the bulk of the day, first impressions with prospective clients still count for a lot.

So…what did I learn from the changes I implemented?

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Public Service Announcement

Despite not being the most tech-savvy person around, I’ve been working this weekend to deal with some of my theme’s design quirks. With the magic of plugins, and my husband’s web design capabilities, I’ve managed to make some changes that I hope you’ll like.

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Coffee Break: Tweeting Your Way To Success

coffee break

After reading a ton of Twitter-happy posts over at ProBlogger, I went ahead and opened up my own account. After all, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger believes you can tweet your way to blogging success, while Jen A. Miller showed MediaBistro readers how to twitter in order to promote their books.

I still haven’t gotten the hang of tweeting regularly (or even knowing what’s worth tweeting), but I feel as if Twitter can be an invaluable marketing tool when used in a self-aware and targeted way.

Have any of you used your Twitter accounts to promote a blog or other business? Link to your Twitter profile in the comments!