PSA: 5 Weeks To Freelance Awesome Still Awesome

Last week, I ran a contest here at Freelancedom, in which I asked you guys to share your number one freelance roadblock in order to be entered for the chance to win a free spot in my upcoming e-course: 5 Weeks To Freelance Awesome. The variety of responses I received made me even more excited for the course, and not because I sadistically enjoy watching others struggle. Rather, it quickly became obvious to me how much we could all learn and benefit from each other’s experiences, and I couldn’t wait to help each and every one of you.

I chose a contest winner at random over the weekend (congrats Susan!), but I wanted to remind you that, through August 17, you still have the chance to enroll at a deeply discounted price. After that, it’s back to regular price. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have about the schedule, platform, pricing, etc.

I hope to see many of you in my virtual classroom this fall. We have so much to talk about!

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Help Me Make Career Coaching for Word Nerds Awesome(r)!

Hey there guys. I’ve finally carved out some time to build up my coaching practice. Before giving things a big marketing push, though, I’d like to evaluate everything I’m offering, and make sure it’s everything I could and should be offering.

So I drew up a market research survey, and I’d really appreciate it if you could fill it out for me. It would be a huge help.

And feel free to pass it along to anyone you think might be interested, or in need of my services.

Thanks. You’re a peach. 🙂

Career Coaching for Word Nerds: And We Have Liftoff…

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You guys! Two weeks ago, I announced the launch of my career coaching practice, Career Coaching for Word Nerds. To kick things off, I held a contest here on my blog, so that two lucky readers could win a month’s worth of career coaching, completely gratis.

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Contest: Career Coaching for Word Nerds

For quite some time now, I’ve been working toward opening my own private career coaching practice. The idea sprouted after about two years of full-time freelancing — due to all the e-mails I was receiving from young up-and-comers looking for advice — and, when the economy eventually went south, it just seemed like common sense to figure out new and interesting ways to diversify. The publishing landscape was changing, and it was time to look to the future, and to figure out how I might fit into an industry that was in flux.

Now, with exams and teleclasses behind me, and with seemingly more and more people floundering every day — wanting a change and not knowing what change to make, or how to go about making it — it seems about time to get this party started.

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