How to Start from Scratch with a New Niche

This is a metaphorical lump of dough.

Like any good love affair, even a thriving writing career can get into a slump. And by “slump,” I’m not referring to the lean times in your typical feast-or-famine cycle. I’m referring to a successful business that — for some reason or another — you just feel bored with.

You know the feeling: Every targeted press release seems to say the same thing. Every forthcoming book you’re offered for review seems to have the same premise. And when your favorite sex toy purveyor offers you the latest and greatest vibrator with all the bells and whistles, you just feel meh.

While your niche may once have been a passion (and perhaps still is), it doesn’t seem to leave room for all the new interests in your life.

But is it worth it to switch gears? Will food editors be interested in a piece from a veteran health and wellness writer? Will tech editors care what the go-to sex columnist has to say?

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10 Ways To Prove Experience… Without Any

press passSeveral months ago,  I asked for your burning, publishing-related questions. In response, Alisa Bowman — a fellow blogger — mentioned that she was constantly being asked how to prove credibility and experience when just starting out:

“You need experience and contacts in order to get assignments and jobs, but how do you do that when you are right out of school?”

It’s a good question, especially considering that — when at a loss for how to move forward — many college grads consider just staying in school and pursuing a graduate degree.

I’m of the mind, however, that getting your Masters degree isn’t a necessity. Rather, I think it’s better to dive right in, instead of spending countless hours (and dollars) in a classroom environment.

So how do you prove your credibility when you don’t have a lick of experience?

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Link Love: November 7

I just finished my first week sans Nerve and, so far, it’s been good. I’ve thrown myself into new projects, and have found myself breezing through them with even greater efficiency. Which hasn’t left much time for outside reading, but:

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