Reason To Write: It Got Me Cooking

line of casseroles

I ate all of these.

Last month, I wrote about how my writing had forced me out of my comfort zone, leading me to make my own wine, tour 34 wineries, and even battle my extreme social anxiety in order to give a live reading during NYC’s annual Lit Crawl.

You guys responded with some pretty fabulous stories yourselves. Susan Johnston of The Urban Muse mentioned that she had done a few Mortified readings (so cool!), and Natalia M. Sylvester of Inky Clean wrote of the time she had gone to a bee farm to watch how honey is made (I find this absolutely terrifying).

I love stories like these. Because, while the number one reason I write is to connect with others, the number two reason I write is to give myself an excuse (or an opportunity) to try new things.

And because this is such a huge part of the freelance lifestyle (and of freelancedom, if you will), I’d like to share these stories more often, and hear more of yours.

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10 Ways To Prove Experience… Without Any

press passSeveral months ago,  I asked for your burning, publishing-related questions. In response, Alisa Bowman — a fellow blogger — mentioned that she was constantly being asked how to prove credibility and experience when just starting out:

“You need experience and contacts in order to get assignments and jobs, but how do you do that when you are right out of school?”

It’s a good question, especially considering that — when at a loss for how to move forward — many college grads consider just staying in school and pursuing a graduate degree.

I’m of the mind, however, that getting your Masters degree isn’t a necessity. Rather, I think it’s better to dive right in, instead of spending countless hours (and dollars) in a classroom environment.

So how do you prove your credibility when you don’t have a lick of experience?

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Link Love: January 10, 2010

This past weekend, I did something truly revolutionary: I didn’t do a damn bit of work. Instead, I spent a day cleaning the condo. I threw a party. I caught up with people I hadn’t seen in eons, due to my all-encompassing absorption with my work. I took down the Christmas decorations. I even enjoyed a leisurely lunch out with my husband. Tonight? My husband and I are meeting up with a group of friends to see Avatar at the IMAX theater. Work? What work? I’ve been completely unproductive. But it’s nice to feel a part of the world again.

Before I head out to the theater, here’s your weekly link love:

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