How To Avoid Social Media Fatigue in 5 Easy Steps

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Oh my god, you guys. The other week, I asked for suggestions on what I should include in my Job Hopping for Word Nerds e-book. Heather of CraftLit provided me with a goldmine of great suggestions, some of which I deemed outside the scope of my book. Still, I thought they would make for some great blog post fodder. So today, I decided to address this one:

How can I use social media without being swallowed by it?

So I opened up my Freelancedom dashboard, typed in the title of this post, aaand… then proceeded to spend the next four hours on Twitter.


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Coffee Break: Working on the Weekend

We haven’t had a nice, long coffee break in awhile here.

I wanted to tell you about last weekend.

My husband left on Thursday night to hang with some old college friends for a few days. He wasn’t slated to come back until Sunday. I decided to use this time as a vacation for myself, and it ended up being the first time in awhile that I didn’t spend my weekend working.

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Coffee Break: A Place To Get Away

When your home and your office happen to be one and the same, it can be tough to ever truly let go, unless you actually leave the building. And finding a spot to unwind at home can be even more difficult when you’re living in a small space.

After remaining inside my condo for four days straight, it occurred to me that I have nowhere to go just go get away…no means of escape…

Unless you count my Wednesday night callanetics classes, an hour of stretching and pulsing that simultaneously relaxes me and deeply works my muscles.

I’d be interested in hearing how all of you escape the daily grind. Is there a special spot in your home, or is there a place you flee to in your car when things get especially stressful?

Coffee Break: Take Time Out To Shake Your Booty

It gets lonely working from home, all alone except for my three cats. Sometimes I get a bit stir crazy, talking to the cats, sometimes even dancing with them.

While the mental health ramifications of the conversations I have with my cats are questionable, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking a little dance break mid-project.

After the jump, my Dance Machine playlist:

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How To Juggle Multiple Careers

Over the course of the past 10 years, I’ve juggled on-campus jobs, part-time retail work, temp work, full-time work, freelance projects, and internships, all in varying combinations.

At first, in my earliest post-college years, I considered full-time work to be the obvious end goal and, for a time, was quite proud of myself as I moved up in the world of academic book publishing.

As my longing for more creative work grew, however, I determined that I could only find happiness as a full-time freelancer.

Now, as the New York Sun teeters on the brink of end times, and I find myself losing a main source of income that was more part-time than freelance (except for the 1099), I’ve been forced to consider that an all-or-nothing approach is perhaps not the best one for me.

And maybe you’ve come to the same conclusion. Perhaps you’ve read The Anti 9 to 5 Guide and One Person/Multiple Careers and are already masterminding the perfect balance of multiple income streams. After the jump, the types of income sources you should consider, and why:

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Coffee Break: Freelancing At Your 9-to-5

coffee break

I remember well my first job out of college. The company had hired me as their first-ever editor (I was more like a glorified word processor) and, once they had me, they weren’t quite sure what to do with me. I was miserable there. The work was mind-numbing, and I was left with large swaths of time in which I had absolutely nothing to do.

So I began writing.

And boy, did I get a lot done, even getting published on MediaBistro with an essay I had written during work hours.

I can’t imagine that this is uncommon.

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