PSA: Freelancedom Forums

Worrying about being all talk and no action, I decided to finally get off my butt this weekend and set up forums for Freelancedom.

I had initially intended to integrate forum software with WordPress, but was having trouble on that end. I mean, I’m not the most web-savvy individual out there. So I finally admitted defeat and set up a forum hosted through Activeboard.

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Product Placement: The Wall Above My Desk

[$179, JCPenney]

I’ve been going back and forth over how to fill the empty wall space above my desk, and I finally decided that I’d like a bulletin board/wall organizer.

The best one I’ve found? The one above, which comes with an iPod dock for charging, 4 USB connectors, and…I think those are speakers!

It’s already come down $20 since I posted about it on MM last week! I’ve been tight for money since Christmas, but am wondering if I should leap.

PSA: NJ Blogger/Web Designer Meetup

For all you New Jerseyans out there, tonight is the first NJ Blogger/Web Designer Meetup of the New Year.

My husband has succeeded in convincing me to go with him. This is mostly because the meetup takes place at Panera Bread (in Fair Lawn, NJ), and I could really go for broccoli & cheddar soup in a bread bowl. And those chips.

If you’re in there area, I’d love to see you there!

PSA: Trying to Be More Sociable, Etc.


Now that the new year is here, it’s time to step things up here on Freelancedom. To that end, I’ve been researching forum software, social bookmarking plugins, and advertising programs.

Learn more, after the jump:

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PSA: Looking for a Blogger to Join the Modern Materialistas

We’re at it again. Modern Materialist, the products blog that provides the bulk of my income, is again hiring. And as MM’s lead blogger, I’m the lucky chica in charge of finding the best darn products blogger out there.

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Dating Advice From…Engineers

Check out my latest over at Nerve!

While some may think it counterintuitive to ask nerdy engineer-types for dating advice, I have dated quite a number of them, and can assure you that they are goofy, fun, sincere, and effing hot. Some of their responses for this piece gave me quite the chuckle.

PSA: A Day In My Life

Check me out over at teleTwenties, one of the latest additions to my Google Reader. There, freelance writer Kristine Brite shows a day in my life.

Plus, she includes that photo of me where my hair looks perfect.

Shameless Self-Promotion: Me on The Frisky!

The fastest turnaround I’ve ever seen, here’s another sex party piece I wrote for The Frisky.

It’s fun to be doing my own stuff again!

Shameless Self-Promotion: How Marriage Got Me Out of Debt

I must admit, I don’t pitch nearly as much as I should, as I’ve let myself become so distracted by my blogging, but here is proof that I do, in fact, write other things.

Tango magazine has run my story about the desperate measures I took to get myself out of debt, with my marriage as the catalyst that finally forced me to get my finances under control.

Aaaand, on a completely different note, they’ve run my story on what not to do at a sex party.

God, I never would’ve known these had gone up if someone hadn’t e-mailed me with congratulations.

PSA: Dude Blogger Wanted!

Hey guys! Exciting news! (Well, I find it exciting…)

As lead blogger over at the Modern Materialist, I’m in charge of making sure content is Awesome. At the moment, I’m thinking things could possibly get even awesomer if I had another male blogger, just to even up the score a bit (apparently, posting about sparkly chandeliers, pretty sofas, and flouncy skirts every five seconds isn’t fair and balanced).

Just for those who haven’t been over there yet, the Modern Materialist is‘s products and home design blog. Bloggers are paid per post ($10/post), with an average of 3-5 posts a day. If you’re interested, or have any questions, please send me an e-mail! If you’re applying for the gig, please do include a letter of interest, and links to relevant clips.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, by all means, spread the word! Thanks guys!