Product Placement: Have the Neatest Desk Around

I had the pleasure of receiving a (temporary) sample of a high-ticket item to review over at Modern Materialist. As I feel that the NeatDesk is one primo toy for the at-home entrepreneur, I’ve pasted the bulk of my test drive post after the jump.

Read on for all the fun I had with this high-tech information management system/high-speed scanner.

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Product Placement: Last-Minute Gifts for Word Nerds

[$525, myTypewriter]

Since the beginning of the month, me and the rest of my Modern Materialistas have been doing up holiday gift guides for our readers. My favorites have been the ones I’ve done for word nerds: Stocking Stuffers for Word Nerds, Gifts Under $25 for Word Nerds, and Last-Minute Gifts for Word Nerds.

I encourage you to head on over and read the full extent of word-nerdy goodness but, just to give you a preview, I’ve placed my favorite items after the jump:

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Product Placement: Avoid Freelance-Induced Carpal Tunnel

Just the other day, I posted a review over at Modern Materialist on the HandShoe mouse, an ergonomic mouse that is designed to cradle your completely relaxed hand.

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Product Placement: My Xmas Wish List

[$15, Old Navy]

I know that I just wrote about doing without, but I can’t help myself. I have a wish list every Christmas, and this year is no different. And besides. It’s Product Placement Tuesday (for at least four more hours, anyway).

After the jump, some business-related gifts I wouldn’t mind receiving, like the slipper boots above, which would keep my tootsies nice and toasty whilst working from home. Leave your own wish list items in the comments!

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Coffee Break: My Dream Office

I spoke too soon! My new wireless adapter has wreaked havoc, malfunctioning and eventually causing my computer to self-destruct. I am…not happy (to put it mildly).

Tonight will include another trip to the tech-type store, to buy a network card and a cable allowing me to directly connect to the Internet. Finally!

All this grappling with my home office equipment has started me daydreaming about what else (like, besides a cable) I’d like for my dream office. I already have my ideal office chair, but there are a few other things I wouldn’t mind picking up (or being gifted…hint hint…):

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Product Placement: Your Lucky Outfit

Every wardrobe has that seemingly magical piece that can’t bring yourself to get rid of. The top that ensures the second date. The suit that makes you strut. The lucky pendant that just makes you feel…safer and more confident. It’s why I haven’t been able to get rid of this jacket that I’ve had for the past eight years, despite the fact that the inner lining is ripped to shreds. A long, denim jacket that fits snugly around the waist, purchased in an H&M in Graz, Austria, it’s been getting compliments for as long as I’ve had it. Putting it on makes me feel like an instant superhero.

Your business attire should make you feel the same way. At the very least, you should have one winning outfit that you wear to consultations and business meetings (you know…when you’re not sitting in front of your computer in pjs and fuzzy socks…). This outfit should make you feel invincible, unstoppable, the right one to do the job.

After the jump, some pieces I wouldn’t mind having in my closet. Bonus: I struggle to put together a men’s outfit as well. (Unfortunately, I’m no Stacey or Clinton.)

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Product Placement: Can You Afford Comfort?

For the longest time, I was using one of the kitchen chairs in my home office, and it was not comfy. Later, I actually carried an old office chair — bound for the scrap heap — from my office in Manhattan to my home in New Jersey piece by piece. It was better than the kitchen chair, but not by much, My dream? The Aeron, pictured above. The problem? $1,255.

The solution?

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Product Placement: Desk Caddies

[$89, Room Service Home]

I’m a huge fan of organizational products, which is why I spend so much time in the Container Store, skipping from aisle to aisle, breathless with excitement and drooling over cabinets and bulletin boards.

(My runners-up? Staples and HomeGoods.)

Sometimes, though, I want the luxury version of my typical office supplies.

Which is why I’m currently hyperventilating over the desk caddies above, available from lustable online shop Room Service Home.

Product Placement: Angry Journalists Wear Their Hearts on Their Sleeves

At the end of last week, I posted about end times for journalism. But the truth is, the lot of us can be cranky even when there is work to be had, and AngryJournalist is always willing to let you know why.

After the jump, some Ts from her shop, that allow all you bitter journalists out there to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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Product Placement: When To-Do It

Okay, so this isn’t the prettiest clock on the block, but it is one of the most customizable:

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